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Generator - For Park Rentals

Generator - For Park Rentals


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Up to 8 Hours (Regular Price) $99.00
Keep it Overnight (6:30am Pickup) $133.65
Two Day Rental (Best Value!) $173.25

Attendants: Must have an operator (ADULT 18 or older to operate)


We offer gas generator rentals for 1 inflatable blower at one time. 


Each 3500W generator rental comes with a full tank of gas. These rentals will run for 5 hours on one tank of gas, but does vary depending on many factors.  Any additional fuel that is required is at the customer's expense. We Do not provide refills of gas. You will need to have a gas can with unleaded fuel should your event run over 5 hours. Never refill a generator while running!  always turn it off to add fuel.

Our generators are only rented with inflatable rentals. They cannot be rented alone.

If you do not have a power source for your inflatables or other electrical equipment, our rentals can provide that much-needed electricity so that your party can come off without a hitch.

If you are having your event at a park, you may need a generator.  Some parks have started requiring the use of electricity outside of their power supply. Most parks will not provide your electricity even if they have plugs you can visibly see.  Contact your Parks Department and see if you will need a generator for your event.

Need help deciding if one rental will meet your needs?  Give us a call at 916-903-9221 and we would be glad to assist you.

Note: *This is just a stock picture of a generator. It does not properly represent the wattage, brand, color, or size.* 


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